Windowless room

Rooms without windows are not uncommon. Usually these rooms; are rooms such as the bathroom, dressing room or converted basement. The interior of the room is designed with no windows and low light. Furniture, floors and walls are selected and designed to compensate for this gap in rooms that do not receive sunlight. If you think that only light colors can be used because it receives little daylight, you are quite wrong. A very attractive and impressive room decoration can be created when the contrast is harmoniously adjusted with dark colors. Lighting is also among the tricks you can get help with in the decoration of the room. Let’s examine the decoration tricks that you can use with the difference of windowless room decoration that you will plan correctly.

1- Solutions for bathrooms without windows

fake bathroom window

Thanks to the lighting that is compatible with the color of the wall, the room is made to be impressive and attractive. White and gray tones, which are light and relaxing tones, were chosen to emphasize the relaxing feature of the bathroom. In order to balance the lack of windows in the room, a stylish design was made in the room by choosing wide and large mirrors and the right lighting.

2- Attractive floor

fake window

In windowless rooms, an attractive floor design will greatly add to the atmosphere of the entire room. The residual brightness in the room will reveal an eye-catching beauty and will eliminate the disadvantage of the room being windowless. When pastel tones are used proportionally with bright tones, a dressing room will emerge with the right furniture.

3- Optimal lighting

Fake window
Fake window

A windowless room can be illuminated without natural light. An optimal lighting in the room will allow you to have an attractive and impressive dressing room. With sufficient homogeneous lighting, you will increase the quality of life and comfort of the room, as well as create an extremely stylish and impressive decoration.

4- Natural decoration

Plants have a more positive effect on homes located in areas with closed climates. In houses without windows in the room, especially plants should be preferred and you should decorate your house by making a natural decoration and turning the disadvantage of being without a window into an advantage. With a natural decoration, you can have a lively and happy living room in your home, and you can create an extremely impressive decoration without windows.

5- Stylish accessories

A decoration where you will use accessories and show more aesthetic with lights will allow you to have a hall or living room where everyone will be impressed. A decoration with different elements and different accessories will turn a windowless room into a perfect room.

6- Use of color

Preferring a painting of different colors in a living room without windows, or using different colors in decoration and lighting it with the right lighting will offer you a living room decoration that you cannot imagine.