Windowless bathroom

Today, many apartment bathrooms do not have a window that lets in natural daylight. Some bathrooms are positioned to face the air gap of the apartment, while others do not even have this opportunity. This situation, when combined with an incorrect decoration, causes the bathroom to be a dark and gloomy place. Ventilation is another issue.

In today’s article, we have compiled a compilation of the best decorating ideas for windowless bathrooms. Let’s look at the examples of professional interior designers and decorators together what we can do to illuminate a windowless bathroom and give it a spacious and airy look.

Light colors for a fresh look

Our first rule is simple: The simplest and first rule for decorating a windowless bathroom without natural daylight is that the selected sanitary ware should be light colored, preferably white. Since the white color reflects the light, it makes the spaces appear brighter and creates a more spacious appearance. Mirrors can be used to further increase reflection. A work like the one in the photo not only creates an extraordinary, stylish look but also makes the space spacious.

Not to mention, this rule is not a strict one and as you become an expert in decoration, the darkest colors can be used perfectly with the right lighting and enough contrast.

A homogeneous lighting

If your bathroom doesn’t have a window and lacks natural daylight, you’ll need to pay extra attention to the lighting work. A simple ceiling lighting will never be enough, and will create dark shadows. For this reason, you should completely illuminate your windowless bathroom with various sconces that illuminate all areas of the space. But beware! If you prefer the yellow tones of the bulbs sold as daylight instead of white light, you will get a more realistic natural light.

Add movement to the decoration

By using a stylish piece of decorative accessory, you can add movement to your decoration and attract attention at this point. You can use an elegant stool, a striking chandelier or a nice framed mirror/table for this.

A good example of the suggestions we give

Here’s a great example that nicely puts together the suggestions we’ve given so far! An eye-catching chandelier with white, glossy surfaced vitreous ware, stylish details, and contrast.

You can create wonders with yellow color

Here we come to a more advanced study. We also recommend using bright, vibrant yellow for windowless bathrooms, kitchens, or north-facing and low-light spaces. On only one wall, if desired, a small patterned yellow surface like the one in the photo can bring the vitality and glow of the sun to the space.

Details that make the space as wide as possible

The dimensions of our bathrooms are known, large bathrooms like the one in this photo are not very common in our apartments, especially when it comes to bathrooms without natural sunlight and without windows, it becomes very gloomy in places. One way to break this is to use a completely transparent shower cabin. In this way, you do not separate the shower tray/tub, which is a relatively large area, from the space and visually benefit from its width.

Shiny elements like stainless steel and chrome

If we continue from the point of reflecting the existing light as much as possible, metals such as chrome and stainless steel are also suitable for this job. You can use these materials as mirror frames or various decors. Moreover, you will see that they will harmonize well with the luminaires.

Another good example

We see another example that the examples we gave use. A warm and lively atmosphere has been given to the space with the color yellow, the part where the bathtub is not separated from the space, the integrity of which has not been broken, and a unique wall covering made of yellow and white flowers has drawn attention in a completely different direction.

Keep your windowless bathroom tidy and clean