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Sky ceiling & Sky panels

Sky ceiling is, sky LED panel with illumination. Which creates fake skylight ceiling on the ceiling surface in areas where it is applied. That is to say, applying multiple sky ceiling tiles (sky panels)  in groups, cloud sky ceiling is created in the desired dimensions.

In the same vein, artificial skylight panels provide visual effect as if there is a window on the ceiling surface when viewed from below to the ceiling by the observer. Above all, sky panels provide the possibility of choosing according to personal tastes with the visuals of various clouds and branches of trees.

Normally used for decorative purposes, led sky ceiling panels provide a more spacious environment, especially in rooms without windows or inadequate results are really great.
Ceiling cloud panels are highly preferred in offices, shops, hospitals, schools and sports halls. 

It gives positive psychological effects during, a decorative appearance. Moving the open air freshness given by nature to indoors enables people to relax. It has many positive effects such as increasing the working efficiency in working office environments. And most importantly, sky panels are keeping the morale of the patients at the highest level in hospitals.

The distance frame in the panels makes it stand 3cm above the ceiling level, the result is similar to a real window.

sky panels
Sky panels front view
Sky panels
Sky panels back view

Model: LED backlight Sky Panel
Size: 595mm x 595mm

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Dimming and remote control option

dimming optionFor ease of use, you can choose the remote-controlled dimmer option. 

Thus, you can use the on-off or dimming feature of sky panels whenever you want from where you are sitting.

Where is Sky ceiling used?

It can be used in all closed areas especially for the places given as an example.

  • Hospitals
  • Dental clinic
  • Office
  • Store
  • Showroom
  • Home
  • Gym

How Do Sky Ceiling Works?

100-240V AC electricity is connected to the drivers of sky ceiling. This connection should be made after the panels are placed on the ceiling because the connection is the final stage of the installation.

100-240V AC electricity is connected to the drivers of sky panels. This connection should be made after the panels are placed on the ceiling because the connection is the final stage of the installation.

With the electricity coming from the electric switch, the turning on and off operation is performed as desired and the sky effect ceiling is created.

The LEDs inside the panel are homogeneously positioned inside the panel. Therefore, the light falling on the display surface is evenly distributed and homogeneous illumination is achieved.

The protected film between the two layers is made of transparent polycarbonate on the outside and LED diffuser on the inside, making it efficient and durable.

How Do I Choose Ceiling Cloud Design?

Along with the image preference, you must simultaneously determine the sky ceiling design. Generally, it may be necessary to increase the number of sky panels according to the ceiling size.

1- Determining the number and design of sky panels to be used

You can opt for several variations, as in the sample designs below. Each sky panel is for the ceiling square and is 60x60cm. (2ft / 24inches)

Depending on this, you can choose designs like 2×3 tile, 4×4 tile or 2×4 tile.

2- Determining sky ceiling design from library

You can request the desired image in the image library for the “sky ceiling design” you have determined.

Custom frame color and size

Frame color: Our products are produced as standard white (RAL 9016) but; Due to the fact that some suspended ceilings are black, we can produce with black frame color optionally.
Size: Sky ceiling light panels are produced in the following dimensions;
1. 60x60cm sky led panels
It is our standard size for 60×60 suspended ceilings, which are named as grid ceilings (Armstrong ceiling). The full size of the product is 595x595mm for full placement of the products in the suspended ceiling.
2. 60x120cm sky led panels
It is used for suspended ceilings of 60x60cm and 60x120cm. For use on suspended ceilings of 60x60cm, one of the T carriers is removed and a 60x120cm sky led panel is installed on the ceiling.
3. 62x62cm sky led panels
This measure is produced for Germany suspended ceiling standards. In Germany, the suspended ceiling dimensions are different from other countries because the sky panels are produced exactly: 615x615mm.
4. 62x124cm sky led panels
This dimension is also produced for Germany suspended ceiling standards. The product size is exactly 615x1235mm.

sky ceiling light
sky ceiling light
Led sky panels
Led sky panels

How to install sky ceiling light with LED sky panels?

In order to install the sky ceiling light, the ceiling type must be suspended ceiling. If the ceiling type you want to apply is not suspended ceiling, you should first contact a suspended ceiling company to ensure that the suspended ceiling is made. You can still apply LED sky panels without suspended ceilings. For this, we have a surface-mounted model, but we do not recommend this model as it does not give a fully artificial window effect.
If we list the applicable types of suspended ceilings;

1- Sky panels on rockwool suspended ceiling:

Rockwool suspended ceilings are the most commonly used suspended ceilings. They are commonly known as “Rockwool”, “Armstrong” or “Grid ceiling”. Technically, this suspended ceiling model with T24 type carrier system is divided into 60x60cm or 60x120cm (In some countries 62x62cm and 62x124cm) panels.
In this suspended ceiling model, virtually no operation is required for sky panels application. Only after the roof panel has been dismantled by applying force upwards, is it sufficient to place the LED sky panels in these gaps and make the electrical connection.

2- Sky ceiling tiles application on plasterboard suspended ceilings:

Sky ceiling tiles can be applied one by one on drywall ceilings. However, in this application method, the distance between each sky led panel is required. This is out of purpose. Since our goal is to apply sky panels in groups / groups as much as possible to create sky blue ceiling.  We need to make some interventions on the drywall suspended ceilings. To summarize this intervention; It is necessary to open a desired size in the drywall suspended ceiling and place T24 carrier in this gap.

3- Sky ceiling application in clip-in suspended ceilings:

Clip-in suspended ceiling models are installed from bottom to top, unlike other ceiling models. For this reason, the carrier system is in the form of a reverse V-shape. Since the frame distance frame in the sky panels is not compatible for this ceiling model, we can recommend our flat sky panels without ”distance frame for this type of ceiling. After applying our “sky panels” products in this model, the image is flush with the ceiling.

The best and simplest ceiling model to create a sky ceiling is 60x60cm tile suspended ceiling models. Sky panels can be used very easily in tile suspended ceiling models.

sky ceiling design
sky ceiling design with sky LED panel
sky panel ceiling light
sky panel ceiling light
Night sky ceiling
Night sky ceiling
Starry sky ceiling
Starry sky ceiling

Skypanel Benefits

  • Sky panels are gives refreshment and makes us feel good
  • Led sky ceilings adds architectural value to interior
  • Sky ceiling panel supports current lighting
  • Skypanel light meets window needs (especially in basements)
  • Changes the negative effect of gloomy areas

How to order?

Please contact and inform us after making your selection from the image library.

We will feedback to inform you about the order, as the order and shipment stages will vary according to your country.

Or, you can buy with credit card, directly from pricing page.

Some ideas for sky panel ceiling light

1. Night sky ceiling

For the night sky ceiling, night images from the image library can be preferred. In this case, the sky ceiling gives off less light than in daytime images. However, you create an environment as if you are under the stars at night with night sky ceiling lights.

2. Starry sky ceiling

You can create a starry sky ceiling with the starry sky ceiling images you prefer for sky panels from our image gallery.  So you create a starry ceiling with false ceiling sky design.

3. Blue sky ceiling

Blue sky ceiling is possible for all images except night images. You can choose your blue sky ceiling with a cloudy sky design ceiling only or with various trees or flowers on the edges of the clouds.

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