Images on the products are sample images. The image and frame model you choose from our gallery is applied to the product with your order.

edgewin custom

EdgeWin Custom + image

€ 499 /m2

Free Shipping 7 days (+-2)
Dimmer/remote control: + €49/module
Extra image: + €49/m2

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Name: John Doe
Mobile number: 001 1234 5678
Shipping address: 9621 Sunnyslope Street Trenton, NJ 08610  USA
Model: Twin 130x170cm black 12 segment
Image: M7
Extra Image Code:  M28, M6 (or no)
Dimmable & remote control: Yes (or no)


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Manufacturing and Shipping

For standard sized products, your orders are put into production after the image and model decision is made. Products are prepared within the following 2 working days and delivered to you by UPS cargo company. Shipping time is usually 2-3 for Europe and 3 -4 days for America.

Some exceptions regarding free shipping

Free shipping to European countries and the price difference determined for American countries may differ, albeit rarely.
Unfortunately, we have to reflect the price difference applied by the cargo companies in the island or extreme distances accepted as a European country or an American country. When we are in such a situation, we provide the necessary information to our customers while preparing the proforma invoice.


Our pricing is excludes VAT taxing. Unfortunately, we cannot do anything about this, as each country has its own special taxation method. That’s why products are priced without taxes added to you.

In accordance with the free trade agreement between countries, products are delivered to our customers without customs duty. But; The destination country can sometimes add the VAT to be added to the product prices.
For this reason, when receiving your products, your state may request the VAT applied in your country through the courier. Unfortunately, there is nothing our company can do in this regard.

Note: Since the limits are high enough for the United States, no tax has yet been encountered.

Please contact us for detailed information about this and our solution suggestions.

Payment methods

Credit Card

Payment by credit card is accepted by Payment link. Please select Credit card payment when filling the order form.

Bank Transfer

Payment by bank transfer usually takes 2-3 days. After the transfer is completed, the production process begins.


With the Wise, the transfer process takes place instantly. It is a recommended method to save on costs such as speed and bank commission.

Western Union

With western union, the transfer process takes place instantly and the production process starts instantly.

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