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If you cannot see the prices, write your e-mail address in the form below and click the send button. The link in your email will take you to the standard price page. Then come back to the reseller page again and see the prices.

How much profit and how will I get?

Profit fees for standard products;

Single window: € 50
Twin window: € 100
Trio window: € 175

Please check the workflow steps for how to get your profits.

What are the conditions?

It does not matter to us whether the dealers we want to work with are corporate or personal. In addition, there is no initial capital demand from our dealers. As the product is sold, the dealer earns its income.

It is recommended, but not mandatory, that our dealers have a showroom or similar place where they can show their customers the artificial window product in order to increase their profits.

How do I become a dealer?

You can send us your request that you want to become a dealer by using the form on our contact page or by e-mail at

In this application, you must include your Name & Surname Mobile phone number and address information to be published under the “RESELLER” heading on our contact page.

Workflow steps

1-Our customer in your country contacts you by phone via our contact page, (In the case of the customer requests, we will direct you directly.)
2-The customer places his/her order to the reseller and pays in full for it.
3-The Reseller leaves his profit to himself, and sends us payment at the same time over the agreed price, and notifies us about his/her order.

4-At the request of the reseller, the product is sent directly to the customer or to the resellers themselves.

Extra earnings for resellers

Our dealers, if requested by the customers, can provide installation service to the customer at the price that will be determined by the Reseller. And in this case, the dealer gains a double benefit.

However, in cases where the customer does not request it, customers cannot be forced to receive installation service.

Some exceptions regarding free shipping

Free shipping to European countries and the price difference determined for American countries may differ, albeit rarely.
Unfortunately, we have to reflect the price difference applied by the cargo companies in the island or extreme distances accepted as a European country or an American country. When we are in such a situation, we provide the necessary information to our dealers while preparing the proforma invoice.

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