Become one of the limited number of resellers

You can make a profit by selling our products. We share our 18 years of experience and our customer portfolio with you.

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Extra profit for resellers

Our resellers, if requested by the customers, can provide installation service to the customer at the price that will be determined by the Reseller. And in this case, the reseller gains a double benefit. However, in cases where the customer does not request it, customers cannot be forced to receive installation service.

Minimum requirement to become a reseller

Showroom products estimated cost:  (You will be notified via email after your application.) Min. wall length for products: 8 meters reserved space

Our company has been supplying products to many countries by producing artificial skies and artificial windows since 2006 and is the pioneer of the sector.

As you know, our products are published with the price list in our online sales store. And it can be ordered by customers from any country without restrictions.

There are companies we work with in some countries, we do not publish them on our contact page yet, but as of 2024, we will publish the companies we work with that meet the working conditions on our contact page.

Reseller agreement summary:

Our expectation from the company or person that will become a reseller:

1. Preparation of the showroom area
2. Purchase of showroom products
3. Carrying out necessary regional activities to increase sales
4. Protection of our brand

Our commitments to the company or person that will become a reseller

1. Publishing resellers contact information as a showroom on our contact page
2. Providing the necessary guidance when the nearest showroom is asked in customer questions
3. Agreed discount on purchases made by reseller

Terms and conditions summary
1. The reseller will sell the products with the Prosky Panels brand, the reseller cannot display or sell the products under his own brand.
2. The customer will be free to decide to purchase from the reseller or the manufacturer.
3. If there is an existing discount in the online store, it will be given to the reseller additionally with his own discount.
4. Purchases made by the reseller will be free shipping.
5. If the reseller does not contribute to sales with sales-increasing policies, the reseller agreement will be cancelled.

Opinions and suggestions

In line with the demands from our potential customers, we are positive about working as a dealership to increase regional sales.
Most regional customers who visit our page will prefer to buy from a dealer in their country or nearby, rather than from the manufacturer, and also by seeing the product.
However, if this situation is abused by the dealer, there will be a (Agreed discount) loss since the manufacturer will make each of its direct sales through the dealer, even if it is not necessary.
For this reason, the dealer is strongly requested to act with sales-increasing policies.

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