Fake window
Fake window

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Fake window

Fake window is the perfect solution for rooms without windows or with insufficient light. Thanks to the high resolution image that works with LED lighting, it gives the closest result to a real window. You can use it in basement apartments, walls without windows, offices or any indoor areas.

This product, called false window or artificial window, has a thin structure of only 2.5cm, so you can use it directly without any repair (preparation) on the wall surface and you can achieve the result.

It is in perfect harmony with wood or metal frame with various image and design options. Therefore, the interior architecture allows you to complete the integrity with your personal tastes.

Artificial window light:

The purpose of these panels is to create an artificial window where it is applied. It can be used in all closed areas, especially in dark rooms without windows.
It can even be decorated with various curtains.

You can use the products for decorative and commercial purposes like as fake window.

Here you can find the most eye-catching window models of fake window ideas.

false window
false window

Where is it used?

Some of the main areas where you can use fake window light are given as examples below.

It can be used in all closed areas especially for the places given as an example.

  • Home (bathroom, bedroom, living room, antree, kitchen, basement etc.)
  • Hospitals
  • Dental clinic
  • Office
  • Store
  • Showroom
  • Gym
  • The mall

For instance, some fake window on wall decorations are below; (fake window decorating ideas)

  • Fake window for office
  • Fake bathroom window (faux bathroom window)
  • Fake bedroom window
  • Fake kitchen window
  • Fake window above kitchen sink
  • Fake window in windowless room

How do fake window works?

How it works?1. Fake window light box: 0,50 DKP metal sheet is painted with electrostatic powder paint. It creates the light source to the image with the LED circuits inside and it is the body of the artificial window.

2. Diffuser: The component that allows LED lighting to create a homogeneous light behind the image and prevents hot points of LED

3. Backlit image: Backlit image film produced with fade-resistant ink. It can be easily replaced at any time. When illuminated, it is a high-resolution image that shows the image on it in the color tones closest to its true state. This image creates a fake window scenery.

4. Polycarbonate sheet: It protects the image film against possible impacts from outside and keeps the image stable. It also contributes to the real window effect by giving a glass effect with its reflection.

5. Trim (optional): It is a decorative wooden frame positioned on a metal frame. This ornament, which has various wood patterns and colors, provides decorative harmony in the area where the window will be applied. Aluminum frame can be applied upon request. Another function is; fixing the diffuser, image and polycarbonate plate is to the light box.

fake window light box
fake window light box

Electrical information

Please check datasheet for variants of dimensions

Input voltage: 220-240V 50-60Hz (110V input exterior driver available for U.S.A.)
Operating temperature: -30ºC / +50 ºC
Protection class: IP20
Body / Paint: 0.8 mm DKP plate / electrostatic powder coating
Power factor: 0.95
Lifetime / Warranty: 95,000 hours / 3 years
Optional features: different power options
CRI: 85
Color Temperature: 3000K, 4000K, 6500K (6500K recommended, standard)
Lumen: 140Lm / W (without image)

Datasheet: MicroSlim-Window-datasheet

fake window scenes
fake window scenes

How do I choose fake window design?

The image options for the false window light prepared separately according to different groups of fake interior window in the fake window scenes (image library). So when selecting images, you also determine the number of fake window panes and the design type.

You can request the image of an option that you specify as the design shape and the image of the option with another design.
For example,
As a design, you want a twin 60×120 panel, but the image you want is associated with another triple 60×120 panel. In this case, the twin 60×120 panel design you want can be applied to the image in the triple panel design. You can request this by contacting us.

However, depending on your preference, you can request custom images even if they are not in our image gallery. like as “faux window beach scenes” or “fake window with ocean view

faux window panes

Frame options

The selection of frames and trim for artificial windows is very important. For this reason, we offer a variety of decoration options as well as fake window sizes. Some have a standard metal frame, some have a thin inner frame laser-machined into the metal frame. However, you can also choose wood veneer or aluminum veneer on these frames. The wood veneers have different colors or patterns to match your interior decoration.

Frame options in a nutshell:

Metal frame:
The standard white metal frame can be produced in different colors depending on your request.
Wood Veneer Frame:
Available in a variety of pattern finishes or colors.
Aluminum plated frame:
It has anodized aluminum pattern.

Fake window light panel
Fake window light panel

How to install?

Artificial window panels are mounted directly on the wall or ceiling surface. You do not need to prepare the wall before installation.
Simply, identify the location and screw it!

Surface mounting: Since the window panels have a very thin structure, when surface mounted, the thickness of the outside frame is almost the same as the thickness of the real window frame. Therefore, surface-mounted applications give excellent results and the window appears to be inside the wall.

One more step to the professional look: You can hide the electrical cables inside the wall. However, this may require a little renovation. If you are going to decorate your window with curtains, you can also hide the cables behind the curtains.

Assembly to wall:

  1. Remove the panel frame and display
  2. Screw the panel to the wall through the mounting holes in the panel
  3. Replace the panel frame and display


Some advantages of faux window panes

  • Gives refreshment and makes us feel good
  • Adds architectural value to interior
  • Supports current lighting
  • Illuminates dark rooms which needs window (especially in basements)
  • Changes the negative effect of gloomy areas

How to buy fake window?

Please feel free to contact and inform us. After making your selection from the image library page, you’re ready to buy fake window.

We will feedback to you about the order, as the order and shipment stages will vary according to your country.


Fake windows for windowless rooms

Windowless rooms look dark and gloomy. These rooms are usually not used because there is no window. You can bring a new look to your home with fake windows that you will use to provide the use of windowless rooms and to give your home a new space. You can opt for backlit faux window or edge light models on fake window without windows. You can also have your dream landscape in your fake window.

The windowless room located in your home could be made without windows for a variety of reasons. But you’ll have a nice room with “fake windows for windowless rooms” that you can use to create solutions and get the closest window effect.

Read more about: Fake windows for windowless rooms

Fake bathroom window
Fake bathroom window

Fake window for office

There is nothing as natural as you want a variety of landscapes in your office. Whether you have a window in your office or not, you can convert a variety of landscapes to a fake window light for office model with illumination on a wall of your choice. Whether in your own office or in the waiting area for your customers, you can do luminous virtual windows applications.
A new look with decorative fake windows waiting for you in your office.

Faux basement window & fake window for office

Our faux basement window product is same as virtual window it is just same product. it is usable for home or office interior design. Especially basements need this. Home or office no difference, just change image and take different places landscape. In basement interior it is very good idea to use garden image like as faux window picture. It is winter as you see with backyard fences under snow. Therewithal you could decorate your faux window with curtain & blind to get more realistic effect.


It is possible to using multipanel on same wall, Each LED panels uses a part of one image.

fake window for office
fake window for office

fake window for basement

The idea of a window for the basement is quite plausible. Unfortunately, it is not possible to have a real window in the basement floors. In the basement floors, a small window is usually used close to the ceiling. However, these windows are quite lacking in view. The only function of these windows that do not have any view is the ventilation of the basement.

Faux basement windows

Faux basement windows should be used to give a beautiful view to the basement. Artificial windows, which have a very rich range from the decorative point of view, can give an incredible view to the basements.

fake window
fake window

Kitchen window like fake window

Instead of seeing a flat wall behind the sink in the kitchen decoration, you can place artificial window products like as fake window light panel. 

artificial window
artificial window