Sky ceiling, 2×3 panels

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  • Includes 6 pieces 2’x2′ (60x60cm) Sky panels
  • 4’x6′ (120x180cm) designed
  • Model no: SP6060 2X3
  • 180W SAMSUNG LED with MEANWELL power supply
  • Electrostatic powder coated metal housing
  • 3 years warranty & renewable spare parts

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LC (Leafy clouds)

Sky ceiling is, sky LED panel with illumination. Which creates fake skylight ceiling on the ceiling surface in areas where it is applied. That is to say, applying multiple sky ceiling tiles (sky panels) in groups, cloud sky ceiling is created in the desired dimensions.

In the same vein, artificial skylight panels provide visual effect as if there is a window on the ceiling surface when viewed from below to the ceiling by the observer. Above all, sky panels provide the possibility of choosing according to personal tastes with the visuals of various clouds and branches of trees.

Normally used for decorative purposes, led sky ceiling panels provide a more spacious environment, especially in rooms without windows or inadequate results are really great.
Ceiling cloud panels are highly preferred in offices, shops, hospitals, schools and sports halls.

It gives positive psychological effects during, a decorative appearance. Moving the open air freshness given by nature to indoors enables people to relax. It has many positive effects such as increasing the working efficiency in working office environments. And most importantly, sky panels are keeping the morale of the patients at the highest level in hospitals.

The distance frame in the panels makes it stand 3cm above the ceiling level, the result is similar to a real window.

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AC (All clouds), BT (Blossoming trees), FT (Fall trees), JS (Jungle sky), LC (Leafy clouds), NS (Night sky & Stars), PT (Perspective trees), SC (Sunset clouds)

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