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LED menu board design

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Menu board design ideas

Menü board design ideas


Dimensions: 400x400x65mm, 600x600x65mm, 500x700x65mm, 700x1000x65mm, 600x1200x65mm,
Power: 36W
Color Temperature: 3000K, 4000K, 6500K
LED / driver: OSRAM / Tridonic
Lumen: 130Lm / W
Lifetime / Warranty: 95,000 hours / 3 years
CRI: 85
Power factor: 0.95
Body / Paint: 0.5 mm DKP plate / electrostatic powder coating
Input voltage: 220-240V 50-60Hz
Operating temperature: -30ºC / +50 ºC
Protection class: IP20
Optional features: Emergency kit, Dimmable, different power options

36w LED performance


  • RAL9005
  • RAL9016
  • RAL6018
  • RAL5002
  • RAL3000
  • RAL1023


led panel frame color ral code

Backlit menu board

Backlit menu board for restaurant and coffee shops

600×600 led panel gypsum ceiling

Luminous panel for plasterboard ceiling:

For panels to be used in suspended ceilings, it is necessary to have a spring.

The LED panels will fixed with these springs up. LED panels, usually mounted with 4 springs, which springs are pulled up LED panel until the panel is aligned with the gypsum board ceiling.

Depending on the panel model, the measurement to be opened on the ceiling must be indicated by the manufacturer.

The opening space for plasterboard ceiling lighting must be less than the size of the panel.

led panel light gypsum ceiling montage

600×600 led panel for T24 ceiling

LED ceiling light for T24:

The standard 60 × 60 LED recessed panel is used for suspended rock wool ceiling lighting or a similar suspended ceiling model using T24 support systems.

In suspended rockwool ceilings, the load-bearing profiles pass every 60 cm.

59.5 × 59.5cm (led 600×600) is placed in these spaces. In this way, LED lighting on the rock wool ceiling is provided.

led flat panel for t24 ceiling

Surface mount 600×600 LED panel

LED flat panel light for surface mounting:

If there is no suspended ceiling in the area where the product will be applied, it is usually applied to the surface. The 60×60 LED panel is screwed directly onto the ceiling surface.

For the surface mount application, the panel creates a pendant up to the thickness of the panel. For surface mounted applications, you can also get a more decorative look with the frame color options. For example, the 600×600 black frame LED panel would be a very good choice.

You can also select the color of the light color as well as the color options of the 600×600 LED panel body. (daylight, white and natural white) You can also create various lighting combinations of LED panels with patterns.

surface mount led panel light

600×600 LED panel suspended

Suspended applications for LED panels are generally preferred for non suspended ceilings. In rare cases, suspended ceilings made of plasterboard can be applied.

For the suspended luminaire, the LED panel is fixed to the ceiling surface by means of individual steel suspension wires at each corner.

With the strap adjustment, the desired distance is adjusted and the product is ready for use.

600×600 LED panels can be installed in the form of colored LED panels and applications with patterned LED panels as decorative lighting.

steel rope pendand LED flat panel


The types of 600X600 LED panels are produced in different models according to need, depending on the different mounting options.
Depending on the area of ​​use, the 60×60 LED panel models vary according to their area of ​​use and should be selected according to the type of ceiling surface to be used.


The surface-mounted 600×600 LED panel wanted to be used, but if the ceiling surface is a plasterboard suspended ceiling, our recommendation should be a 600×600 LED panel with flush mounting. Or, for example, if there is no suspended ceiling on the ceiling surface, but we want to use a flush, we recommend choosing the surface mounting panel.

The models can be classified as follows:

  • Recessed
  • Surface Mounted
  • Suspended

Depending on the different ceiling models, these three models can be combined with an option of case printing and colored patterns to create various combinations.

A- Recessed

Recessed use for suspended ceilings made of plasterboard. The 60×60 LED panel, placed in the hole opening on the plasterboard ceiling surface, has the same appearance as the ceiling surface after installation. The thickness of the panel body remains in the suspended ceiling.

B- Surface mounted

Surface mounted 600×600 LED panel for ceiling surfaces without suspended ceiling. As with the built-in model, the thickness of the panel is not in the suspended ceiling but on the ceiling. The thickness of the panel suspended from the ceiling is 6.5 cm.

C- Suspended

Like as linear lighting, it is used by adjusting the desired distance so that it is suspended from the ceiling surface with steel wires. Black and colored frames are usually preferred with a decorative appearance.