LED panel light

LED panel light for multi-purpose use

LED panel light technology has become the standard lighting products of our day thanks to its energy efficiency and long service life.

LED panel lighting models produced in many different models according to various ceiling and wall types can be produced in different sizes.

These products, whose general purpose is illumination, are more preferred than old technology lighting products by reaching 130lm / W light power.

In addition to standard suspended ceiling lighting, pendant lighting or surface mounted installation, our LED panel lighting products can be applied to different architectural areas with wall mounting option 600×600, 1200×300, 600x300mm etc. are produced in many sizes.

Additional measures we have designed to address different sectors as well as the commonly used measurements in the field of LED lighting; Restaurant, Store, Supermarket, School, Home, Office etc. It offers a combination of LED lighting, decorative LED lighting and advertising solutions for different types of businesses.

LED panel light sizes that we produce (mm)

  • 300×300
  • 400×400
  • 300×600
  • 600×600
  • 620×620
  • 500×700
  • 700×1000
  • 150×1200
  • 300×1200
  • 600×1200
  • 620×1240

Mounting options for each size

A. Flush-mount for recessed ceilings

B. Surface mount for ceiling

C. Surface mount for wall

D. Pendant mount for ceiling


Frame color and color temperature options for each size LED led panel light

According to the requirements of application areas, LED panel lighting models are becoming the need with different frame color and color temperature options. In architectural applications, LED panel light models which can make frame color preference according to furniture and accessory colors easily respond to the demands of personal lighting.

Black frame LED panel light and other colors

Black LED panel is especially preferred in modern designs. Black colored led panel lighting, which is widely used as a stalactite, is preferred more than other LED panel lighting types.

Surface mount application

It is an application form which is mounted on the surface of ceiling directly.

Pendant application

It is a form of application by hanging downwards from the ceiling surface with the help of steel ropes.

Recessed application

In drywall suspended ceilings, LED panel lighting on the ceiling surface is the only way to see the front frame surface.

Other frame colors:

Yellow LED panel light, Blue, Green and Red frame colors are also available.

Pendant application type examples for LED panel light

Pendant applications are one of the most preferred models today. Suspended LED panels are applied by hanging the panels downwards from the ceiling surface with the help of steel ropes.

The pendant led panel types which are of great importance in interior design are produced with various body colors and color temperature options especially black.

Other frame color options for Suspended LED panel lights:

artificial window images

Surface mount Led panel lights

When there is no suspended ceiling,

suspended ceiling LED panel lights could be usable.


Sky panel images

More customization

Printing backlit image for LED panel lights are applicable to all size and ceiling type products.