fake window edge win

EDGE-WIN new design illuminated artificial window

Our new fake window light product Edge-Win is a user-friendly product with LED lighting. When the installation is done, the image you selected from the image gallery will appear as a realistic window view.
Offering ease of installation thanks to its modular structure, Edge-Win allows you to achieve your goal in about 10 minutes.

The size of the window can be adjusted to the desired dimensions by using single, double, triple or more modules together in standard modules of 85×130 cm. And artificial windows can be designed so that the modules are adjacent to each other or at some distance. In addition, we can produce completely customized for you.

Technicial Specifications

Size: 85x130cm module (standard) / custom size
Body: Aluminium
Frame color: Black / White / Anodized aluminum
Power consumption: 62W
Input: 180-260V AC 50-60Hz for EU / 110V for US, CANADA
Plug cable: 3m grounded with EU standards
Standards: CE
Packing: 1x 85.130cm, 2x 85.130cm, 3x 85.130cm / custom
Packing material: Original varnished and burned decorative wood box with styrofoam protected

edge win 2x box

Edge-Win Fake window installation

edge win 3x box
edge win 1x box

Custom projects

Artificial windows, which you can order in special sizes, can be from floor to ceiling or in different sizes if you want. You can cover your wall completely. The installation method will be as in the video above, only the dimensions are different.

windowless bedroom idea
fake window light for windowless bedroom


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