Fake windows for basement 120x240cm 216W LED

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After applying fake windows for basement, it creates a real window effect. It provides good lighting with its powerful LED lighting system.

  • Delivery 8-10 working days
  • 216W LED lighting
  • 2,5cm Surface mount microslim (driver inside)
  • 1.2×2.4 meters (3 pieces 60x120cm)
  • Brand: Prosky Panels
  • Warranty: 3 years
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Why use fake window in basements?

Fake windows for basement are used because basements are not usually have windows. The fact that the basement floors do not get enough sunlight makes these areas quite gloomy. This can be prevented with fake windows.

fake windows for basement
fake windows for basement

Fake windows for basement are LED illuminated panels applied in basements without windows and giving a window view. Its purpose of use is to create a more spacious environment by creating a window image.

The need for windows is a major problem for apartments located on the lower floors. Apartments without windows have a gloomy appearance. Although the lighting is good, a room without a window will in no way replace a room with a window.

Therefore, fake window products become a very attractive product for basements without windows. It also gives much more realistic results with LED lighting.

How does fake windows for basement work?

LED illuminated fake window panels work with LED lighting on the wall of the basement floor apartment. The LED illumination on the window panel illuminates the opaque diffuser, creating an effect that light infiltrates inside.

Assembly stage:

Mount the product bodies on the basement wall
Make electrical connections
Close the diffuser and frames on the body
Turn on electricity and start
Optional features:

Fake windows for basement options

As a different type of decoration, you can decorate your false windows in the basements with various curtain models. With this decoration, the windows will look more realistic on the wall.

Basement floor windows provide LED lighting so you can save a good amount of electricity. It is also environmentally friendly, with a long lifetime.

Different power options

You can choose a product that has the same dimensions and features as those of your preferred product dimensions, only with different wattage. Please contact us for this.

More information about the products: https://www.proskypanels.com/products/fake-window/

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  1. Prosky Panels

    For this fake windows for basement, you can choose any image found in other products and white frame color. For this, it is enough to write the image code (SKU) in the note part at the order stage.

    Please write your comments and questions about the product without hesitation.

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