Fake window view 120x120cm 144W LED

When the fake window view is applied to walls, the wall surface looks as if there are windows, it is perfect with its superior print quality and it has low energy consumption with LED lighting.

  • Delivery 8-10 working days
  • 144W LED lighting
  • 2,5cm Surface mount micro slim (driver inside)
  • 1.2×1.2 meters (2 pieces 60x120cm)
  • Brand: Prosky Panels
  • Warranty: 3 years
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What is fake window view?

Fake window view is an image that creates an artificial window on the wall, using the LED panels used on the walls together with various images and decorative frames.

These fake window displays are the products that give the closest result to reality as they are LED illuminated. The illuminated image, thanks to the LED panels used on the wall, creates an effect as if looking through a real window. Thus, the fake window view gives an excellent result.

Fake window view, which has a much more professional lighting than diy fake window light products, also greatly helps to illuminate the environment with its strong lighting.


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