Fake LED window 120x150cm 144W LED

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When the fake led window is applied to walls, the wall surface looks as if there are windows, it is perfect with its superior print quality and it has low energy consumption with LED lighting.

  • Delivery 8-10 working days
  • 144W LED lighting
  • 2,5cm Surface mount microslim (driver inside)
  • 1.2×1.5 meters (2 pieces 60x120cm)
  • Brand: Prosky Panels
  • Warranty: 3 years
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What is fake LED window?

Fake LED window products are models used on the wall and used to create artificial windows. These fake window product models that work with LED lighting create an illuminated image as if there are windows on the applied surfaces.

Usage areas

LED fake window products that you can use in home, office, garage and all indoor areas are in the form of surface mounting.

Application areas are briefly as follows;

  • Home
  • Office
  • Garage
  • Hospital
  • Windowless rooms
  • Basement
  • Kitchen

As this product works with LED, it saves electricity and is environmentally friendly.

Selecting image

You can choose another image for this product, unlike the current image. If you write the image SKU code as the order note during the order, your order will come according to that code.

Quantity of LEd’s: 2.400
Image: Backlit printed

Standards for every products:

Input voltage: 200-240V 50-60Hz (100-240V input driver available for U.S.A.)
Operating temperature: -30ºC / +50 ºC
Protection class: IP20
Body / Paint: 0.7 mm DKP plate / electrostatic powder coating
Power factor: 0.95
Lifetime / Warranty: 95,000 hours / 3 years
Standards: CE (Components: TUV SELV ROHS ENEC)
Optional features: different power options
CRI: 85
Color Temperature: 3000K, 4000K, 6500K (6500K recommended, standard)
Lumen: 140Lm / W (without image)

Information about product: Datasheet

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  1. Prosky Panels

    For this Fake LED window, you can choose any image found in other products. For this, it is enough to write the image code in the note part at the order stage.

    Please write your comments and questions about the product without hesitation.

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