Fake bathroom window 120x120cm 144W LED

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When a fake bathroom window is applied to walls, the wall surface looks as if there are windows, it is perfect with its superior print quality and it has low energy consumption with LED lighting.

  • Delivery 8-10 working days
  • 144W LED lighting
  • 2,5cm Surface mount micro slim (driver inside)
  • 1.2×1.2 meters (2 pieces 60x120cm)
  • Brand: Prosky Panels
  • Warranty: 3 years
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Fake bathroom window
Fake bathroom window

Fake window for bathroom is the installation of panels with a view and illuminated window view, as if there is really a window on the bathroom walls and the ceiling of the bathroom.

One of the biggest needs in bathrooms is the window. It is common for our bathroom to have no windows for various reasons. Most of the bathrooms do not have a large window with a view due to the fact that the inside is not visible or architecturally unfavorable. Smaller and often ventilated windows are preferred instead.

But who wouldn’t want to take a shower with a natural view? For this reason, you can try our false window models for the bathroom we have produced. Experience the pleasure of showering with various nature views with our products.

How does it work?

Fake bathroom windows created by placing backlit landscape images in a window frame are in conflict with LED lighting. And the backlit visual creates a real window effect, making the bathroom more spacious.

Can fake windows be used in every bathroom?

Yes, faux window for bathroom products can be used in all bathrooms. For this, it is sufficient to have an area on the bathroom wall as much as the preferred window size.

Areas to be used in bathrooms:

  • Bathroom walls
  • Bathroom ceilings

Fake window products should not be in direct contact with water when used in the bathroom.

Product specifications

Fake window products, which generally consist of 60x120cm LED panels, have 72W power consumption. Providing a serious support to the lighting for bathrooms, the window panels allow you to have a good lighting in your bathroom with its superior lighting power.


Official page: https://www.proskypanels.com/products/fake-window/

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  1. Prosky Panels

    For this fake window for bathroom product, you can choose any image found in other products and white frame color. For this, it is enough to write the image code (SKU) in the note part at the order stage.

    Please write your comments and questions about the product without hesitation.

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