Fake window 120x120cm 144W LED

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When fake window is applied to walls, the wall surface looks as if there are windows, it is perfect with its superior print quality and it has low energy consumption with LED lighting.

  • Delivery 8-10 working days
  • 144W LED lighting
  • 2,5cm Surface mount microslim (driver inside)
  • 1.2×1.2 meters (2 pieces 60x120cm)
  • Brand: Prosky Panels
  • Warranty: 3 years
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Fake window and fake window light

Many of us have seen fake window products. However, these fake window products non-commercial products make the curtain stands more lively and they are not for sale.

These fake LED window light panels, which are usually created by putting various landscape pictures on the front parts of 60x120cm or 85x120cm LED panel lights. Which are sometimes presented with plain lighting without putting any landscape images. This amazing image that emerges allows the light to glide from behind the curtain into the room as if there was a window. In this way, it is shown in advance how the products sold will look in a real window.

Where can I buy these window products?

According to the researches we have done for you, several companies around the world produce these products. The first of these very successful manufacturers are producing under the brand name “Prosky Panels” and sending these false windows to the worldwide via UPS.

Fake window working principle

Semi-permeable landscape pictures placed in front of LED lighting panels take the light from the panel surface and give it to the front part. So when we look at the landscape, we see that the image is illuminated with a beautiful, homogeneous light distribution. LED panel lights that work in this way have many uses in homes and offices when decorated with various frame options and curtains. It gives very good results especially in basementswindowless roomsoffices and kitchen sink. Please check out the products page for more detailed information about usage areas for fake window.

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  1. Prosky Panels

    For this product, you can choose any image found in other products and white frame color. For this, it is enough to write the image code (SKU) in the note part at the order stage.

    Please write your comments and questions about the product without hesitation.

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